5 sustainable products for your office

Discover exciting, sustainable products for your business


Sustainability is one of our core values and a main component of our corporate vision. With this in mind, we prefer to work with companies that share our values and focus on producing sustainable products or promote the increase of a sustainable lifestyle. We’d like to take a step back here and not talk about ourselves, but instead showcase the fantastic products and services our partner companies. Maybe one or the other company is also interesting for your business…

  • News from: Oktober 31, 2022
  • Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Digital business cards from MyTaag

Nachhaltige Produkte fürs Büro: digitale Visitenkarten

MyTaag Visitenkarte © Taagsolutions UG, 2022

The sustainable product

No more paper business cards: With digital business cards from Taag and the MyTaag App, you have all your contact information at your fingertips at all times. The data is transmitted via Near Field Technology (NFC). In the app, you can easily change your contact information or that of your employees. This means you don’t need to print new business cards if information such as addresses or phone numbers should ever change. You save time, money, and help protecting the environment. One employee, one card. We love it!

The company

Davis Zöllner and Berkay Cankiran are founders of the technology company MyTaag and want to offer an alternative to the business card and completely digitize the exchange of contacts.

Fair trade organic coffee from Deathpresso


Early Byrd Biokaffee © Deathpresso GmbH, 2022

The sustainable product

The company

The coffee roastery in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel district donates part of its proceeds to the Sternenbruecke children’s hospice. Not only that—some of our orders have even been delivered to us frequently by bicycle.

Sustainable towel dispensers from diemietwaesche.de

Nachhaltige Produkte Stoffhandtuchspender

Stoffhandtuchspender © diemietwaesche.de GmbH & Co. KG, 2022

The sustainable product

The washroom service from diemietwaesche.de is the environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels. For those who are concerned about hygiene when it comes to cloth towel rolls: cloth towel rolls from a retractable dispenser are even expressly recommended by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for use in healthcare facilities. In addition, cloth towel rolls are also particularly sustainable and perform better than paper towels in 6 out of 8 categories in the life cycle assessment. Further information can be found on the diemiewaesche.de website.

The company

Diemietwaesche.de joined the UN Global Compact in 2018 and is pursuing a scientifically based climate target to reduce its own CO₂ emissions by 38 percent by 2025 compared to 2017. The company offers its more than 2,500 customers nationwide service coverage.

Mineral water from Viva con Agua


Mineral water Viva con Aqua © Viva con Agua Wasser GmbH, 2022

The sustainable product

Viva con Agua mineral water is a licensed product of Viva con Agua Wasser GmbH. License revenues support the charitable project work of Viva con Agua. The purchase supports international drinking water projects in Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa, among others, because 771 million people worldwide still lack access to a secure drinking water supply. By purchasing Viva con Agua mineral water, you give people access to clean drinking water. Now that’s what we call a good deed!

The company

Viva con Agua supports water projects and pursues the vision that all people have access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation.

Donate crown corks to BlechWech


„Beer bottle capsules poekelt“ © Bits And Splits / Shutterstock, 2022

The sustainable service

BlechWech collects crown caps to reduce waste in our environment and do good at the same time. BlechWech supports a mother-child clinic in Somalia (via SOS Children’s Villages worldwide) with the proceeds of the recycled crown caps. Since 2018, restaurateurs, associations, companies, and private individuals and schools have been collecting—and so do we.

The organization

The organization, with its headquarters in Cologne, has been supporting aid organizations since 2018, thereby providing vaccinations for those in need. We bow to the commitment of the organizers and are pleased to present BlechWech to make them even better known.

Tips for more sustainability in the office

There’s more. We are happy to share more tips at a glance

  • Save energy

    • Turn off monitors after work instead of leaving them in standby mode
    • Activate energy-saving functions on devices in use
    • Use multifunctional devices such as all-in-one printers (these devices consume significantly less power than stand-alone devices)
    • Encourage staff to save electricity and take the stairs instead of the elevator, for example
    • Turn off lights in unused rooms
    • Avoid unnecessary emails, reduce attachments, and—if possible—refer to cloud links instead
  • Waste avoidance and separation  

    • Rethink printing habits
    • Reduce small, inefficient orders to a minimum to avoid packaging waste
    • Use refill principle (e.g. no disposable pens)
    • Continue to use coffee grounds as fertilizer for office plants (odor neutralizing)
  • Use environmentally friendly products

    • Environmentally friendly detergents
    • Environmentally friendly soap
    • Recycled toilet paper
  • Sustainable commute

    • Use bicycle or public transport
    • Avoid business trips as often as possible
  • Sustainable equipment

    • Look for energy efficiency when purchasing new equipment
    • Install cold water taps in washrooms
    • Plants in the workplace (improve the indoor climate, dampen noise and also increase the concentration and productivity of employees)
    • Buy second-hand (e.g. office furniture)
    • Choose light-colored furnishings to save light