“Imagine a world, collectively shaped sustainable by us all.”


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dear customers, dear partners, dear colleagues,

I have always been driven by two questions: What can I contribute to my environment in a meaningful way and how can I make this sustainable?

In my youth, my environment was shaped by competitive sports and it was important to me to contribute a valuable part to the team’s success and, at the same time, to live my days in such a way that I could do this every day—motivated and full of energy.

With the start of my professional career, my goal has grown significantly. I will make a valuable contribution in this world. One of our biggest challenges is climate protection. Every contribution to this counts and it makes me proud that I am once again part of a great team that acts collectively to make the world a livable place for future generations.

This team, the Luana team, is about every single person, who should find an environment in which they can act with motivation and energy. We have created a company that makes this vision a reality. I see a place where people treat each other with appreciation and treat each other with respect and at eye level. I see a place where we act together, pull together and it is exactly this community that we call the so-called “happy place”.

When we talk about community, we do not only think about ourselves—the people who make up Luana—but also our customers and partners, all the people we work with to create this better world.

Our mission is to provide a world worth living in for future generations. Our products and services help to massively reduce CO₂ consumption. Last year, we saved over 20,000 tons of CO₂.

We will continue to do everything we can to make an ever greater contribution, and we look forward to every person who accompanies us on our journey.

Yours Marcus Florek

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Our vision

Imagine a world, collectively shaped sustainable by us all.

Our mission

Through appreciative, collaborative, and inclusive action, we shape sustainable, digital solutions in the energy sector, reduce CO₂ emissions, and ensure that our world remains livable for future generations.

Our values

Sustainability is one of our four corporate values and is therefore firmly anchored in our culture. Our aspiration is to think holistically about sustainability and to live and act accordingly in all dimensions—environment, economy, and society. We see it as our responsibility to contribute to sustainable development. For us, sustainability means considering corporate decisions and actions equally from an economic, technological, social, and ecological perspective.

We understand team spirit to mean, above all, joint action. For us, team spirit means a feeling of togetherness and is, in our view, the most essential element within our team. However, we also understand joint action to mean integrative cooperation with our customers and partners. Important for us are openness, fun, and trust.

For us, appreciation means mutual recognition and respect. We understand appreciative action to mean treating each other with respect and fairness, characterized by gratitude and humanity. Our management lives these values just like our entire team.

The value of integrity is central to Luana. We act with integrity in everything we do and embody our principles in our interactions with customers, investors, partners, suppliers, and,—last but not least— our colleagues.