Next-generation heating construction

We supply you with heat, electricity & charging infrastructure. CO2 reduction is our strength.

We build ourselves—everything from a single source

According to your desired degree of sustainability we develop your customized energy system.

We build for your real estate portfolio

Nursing homes, residential quarters, hotel chains—we completely support your business.

Your benefits

We take care of everything!

You have a large energy project and don’t feel like coordinating and monitoring every little detail and dealing with different tradesmen? Understandable. We know these problems, because we have been building for over 10 years.

With the Luana Group, you have a partner at hand who organises everything for you, because we don’t just plan your project—we build it ourselves. Thanks to Luana Constructions, our in-house heating construction company, all construction processes run smoothly and in a coordinated manner.

We do not place you within an external network of craftsmen, but our engineers know our craftsmen and master craftsmen at Luana Constructions GmbH. We talk to each other, use the same project management tools, and are a perfectly coordinated team.

We solve problems internally so that you can save yourself the stress, because we know that you don’t want construction stress, but simply an excellent end result.

Do not pay too much!

We rely on innovative and energy-saving technologies. This effectively reduces heating costs.

Let us do the work in terms of legal requirements!

When you work with Luana, you can be sure that you easily and cost-effectively meet the current requirements of the GEG, EED, and KfW.

Technical support: 24/7. 365 days a year—even on holidays.

We don’t want you to have to deal with chatbots or to be put on hold in the event of a technical problems. Luana employs “real” people who will support you with expertise, commitment, and empathy in the event of a fault. On average, we are able to resolve a problem within 2.2 hours, and we are very proud of this—kudos to our support team!

All data at a glance in real time. Everywhere. Anytime!

Our AI-based monitoring with so-called FEMO® boxes provides you with the infrastructure necessary to collect and evaluate data and process it in regular energy reports. In this way, we enable continuous monitoring and analysis of all relevant processes during ongoing operation, thus contributing not only to a significant reduction in energy costs, but also to reduced CO₂ emissions.

More time for you: We take over your complete operational management!

The safe and efficient operation of your energy plant is not only a question of the right technology and construction, but also of professional support.

In the first step, we create a supply concept based on a thorough analysis of the initial situation and work out an energy supply contract with you.  With the help of our digital remote monitoring system (FEMO®), we take over the technical and operational management during the entire contract period after construction.  With us, you have a single point of contact for energy issues.

Do not give away money and secure all subsidies!

In Germany sustainable building projects are subsidized—for example by the KfW or the Bafa (= Federal Office for Economy and Execution Control). We always have an eye on all funding opportunities and advise you competently so that you do not lose any funding.

First class heating construction

Luana Constructions GmbH, based in Wardenburg (Germany, Lower Saxony), is part of the renowned Luana Group and installs your sustainable energy solution professionally and to the highest standards. As a master specialist company and therefore a full pro in heating construction, we modernise, we rebuild, or we even build completely new from scratch and thus bring your property portfolio to the next level in terms of energy. Our skilled master craftsmen have decades of experience in the construction of heating systems.

Heating construction for commercial properties

In warehouses, production facilities, and hotel chains, a modern and efficient heating system not only saves you money, but also ensures a constant and trouble-free heating performance over a long period of time. Whether in a new building or in the course of a renovation—the installation of a modern heating system reduces your heating costs to a minimum.

Heating construction for large projects

You have a large project? No problem for us. We have the skilled workers, the experience, and the capacities to implement your large project and we know our way around it. We have been implementing heating construction projects for properties with at least 2,000 m² of living space since 2011.

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