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Energy efficient heating center

Senior residence in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Did you know that energy costs in care facilities and senior living facilities are one of the biggest price drivers alongside personnel costs?

We have taken on the task of designing our energy solutions in such a way that they are sustainable and calculable in the long term. This allows you to focus completely on your core competency and leave the rest to us. Upgrading to a smart, energy-efficient heating system is one example reference of many from Luana AG.

The energy generation plant of the senior citizens’ residence was refurbished. By replacing the existing 2.2 MW coal-fired system, a significant reduction in sulfur and soot emissions was achieved. Since 2017, the 230 care places on a floor space of almost 17,000 m² have been supplied by a gas-fired CHP unit with 109 kW thermal output and 70 kW electrical output. In addition, two boilers with 395 kW thermal output each were installed. In total, this is roughly equivalent to the engine output of eight cars (160 hp each). The electricity generated by the combined heat and power system is passed on to tenants at low cost.

Since using an energy-efficient source of energy, the senior citizens‘ residence saves around 170 tons of CO₂ each year.

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