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FEMO® box: The heart of our heating centers

Care facility in Lower Saxony

Energy costs are one of the largest cost items in care facilities and this was true even before the current tense situation on the energy market began. Modern energy generation systems can convert energy sources such as gas or electricity into heat more efficiently.

In a care facility in Lower Saxony, we were able to reduce gas consumption by 20% by using the FEMO® box. The FEMO® box is the heart of our smart properties.

In a care facility in Lower Saxony, we have already been able to save 20% of the energy used by remotely regulating the heating system.
The property comprises two buildings and provides space for 88 residential units and a day care facility with 16 places on 10,000 m² of living space.

Our combined heat and power plant has 63 kW thermal and 30 kW electrical output. A boiler with a thermal output of 190 kW was installed to cover peak loads. In total, this is roughly equivalent to the output of a sports car. The electricity generated is consumed in the care facility.

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