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Luana enables 100% gas price braking thanks to FEMO®.  What exactly does that mean? The German government has put together extensive relief packages. Together they comprise almost 300 billion euros. The aim: to support citizens during this period, curb energy costs, and safe jobs. The gas price brake applies from March 1, 2023 (retroactive to January 1, 2023) and states that you will receive 80% of your gas consumption* at the capped price of 12 cents per kilowatt hour for gas and 9.5 cents per kilowatt hour for district heating. For more information, visit the federal government’s website. But what about the remaining 20%? You can close this gap and compensate it with the help of our so called FEMO® box with AI-controlled monitoring.

*As a rule, the consumption quantity of the previous year is decisive.

  • News from: Dezember 6, 2022
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Luana enables 100% gas price brake thanks to FEMO®

All data at a glance in real time with FEMO®

The problem

80% gas price brake 

What does the gas price brake mean for you? Only 80% of the previous year‘s consumption is capped by the German gas price brake. The remaining 20% must be procured at current market conditions. Since the procurement of long-term gas supply contracts is hardly possible at present, the remaining quantity usually falls into the so-called substitute supply. Energy experts expect another 20% increase in the gas price for substitute supply at the beginning of 2023. 

The solution

Compensation with FEMO®

Older heating systems are usually inefficient and cannot be controlled according to demand. By using smart control technology such as our FEMO® box (remote control and monitoring box), approx. 20% to 30% of the energy used in properties can be reduced, which in fact means that exactly the uncapped share of the gas demand is compensated.

Your advantages through FEMO® at a glance

  • Collect funding

    • Our FEMO® box is funded by BAFA.
  • Monitoring to the minute

    • With the FEMO® box (remote monitoring & supervision box) for optimized control developed by us, we can precisely monitor the plant operation of the energy centers on a minute-by-minute basis via a uniform control and monitoring concept.
  • Technical support: 24/7. 365 days a year—even on holidays.

    • We don’t want you to have to deal with chatbots or to be put on hold in the event of a technical problems. Luana employs “real” people who will support you with expertise, commitment, and empathy in the event of a fault. On average, we are able to resolve a problem within 2.2 hours, and we are very proud of this—kudos to our support team!
  • All data at a glance in real time. Everywhere. Anytime!

    • Our AI-based monitoring with FEMO® provides you with the infrastructure necessary to collect and evaluate data and process it in regular energy reports. In this way, we enable continuous monitoring and analysis of all relevant processes during ongoing operation, contributing not only to a significant reduction in energy costs, but also to reduced CO₂ emissions.

Download flyer

Here you can download the FEMO® flyer as PDF.

Download product sheet

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Exemplary calculation:

Residential property (annual consumption: 500,000 kWh)
Estimated price substitute supply 2023 in Germany: 36 cents / kWh

Without FEMO®: 500,000 kWh consumption

80% (400,000 kWh): 48.000,– € at 12 cents / kWh (capped)
20% (100,000 kWh): 36.000,– € at 36 cents / kWh (substitute supply)

Total costs: 84,000,– €
Savings: –
Amortisation period: –

With FEMO®: 400,000 kWh consumption

80% (400,000 kWh): 48,000,– € at 12 Cent / kWh (capped price)
Costs FEMO® (one-time): 15,000,– € (substitute supply does not apply)

Total costs: 63,000,– €
Savings: 21,000,– €
Amortisation period: Approx. 5 months

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