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CO₂-neutral heat generation for organic vegetable farms

Flexible generation power is increasingly necessary to stabilize the general power grid. Together with our experienced partners from the plant engineering sector, we have founded “LCF Grüne Energie GmbH”. We are building seven combined heat and power plants with a total capacity of 16 MW for CO₂-neutral heat generation at four locations in Germany.

All four projects are organic vegetable farms. We will supply the farms with heat through biomethane-powered cogeneration plants. We will feed 100% of the green electricity produced by the cogeneration into the public power grid.

Example reference for CO₂-neutral heat generation:

The vegetable farm from Lower Saxony grows tomatoes and cucumbers year-round on a cultivation area of 5.6 hectares. As the plants are very sensitive to low temperatures, our CO₂-neutral heat generation is a relevant building block for a high crop yield. More than 33,000 GWh of heat are required annually. We supply around 1/3 of this. Our combined heat and power plant has 2,850 kW of thermal output and 3,333 kW of electrical output. Together, this is roughly equivalent to the engine power of a luxury yacht. The generated electricity is fed into the general power grid. The investment volume of the project totals 2.6 million euros.

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